Tens of thousands of visitors at the Animals Days 2018. Another success of an event organised in Ptak Warsaw Expo

2nd Zoological Trade Fair Animals Days was an organisational success and attracted record numbers of visitors – nearly 50,000 came to Ptak Warsaw Expo to look at thousands of animals and stalls of nearly 230 exhibitors. This year’s exhibition covered the area of nearly 50,000 square methres.

On 6-8 April, all those who love animals turned up in the town of Nadarzyn near Warsaw. Attractions both for professionals (such as international exhibitions of pure-breed dogs and cats) and advice for those who are only planning to adopt a pet were prepared within the grounds of Ptak Warsaw Expo.

On Saturday and Sunday you could spend long hours at the International Exhibition of Pure-Breed Cats. Exhibitors from Poland and abroad presented cats of different breeds – these included British, Siamese, Maincoon, Siberian cats. You could also see Norwegian Forest cats, Selkirk Rex cats, Thai cats, and hairless Petersburg Sphynxes which fascinated many people. Despite the competition, the educational aspect was also important – exhibitors were very happy and clearly proud to talk about their specimens, they also provided professional advice.

Emotions also ran high at the International Dog Exhibition organised by the Polish Kennel Club.180 breeds were presented and judged by international judges invited specially for this event from as many as 12 countries. Dogs were shown at the end of each day in other final competitions: the best dog of a Polish breed, working dogs, best pair and breeder group, the most beautiful young puppy, veteran, junior, but also the most beautiful representatives of unrecognised breeds. A lot of long and interesting talks were given on dogs – enthusiasts wearing traditional noblemen clothes presented among other things the story of the Polish Hound.

All dog owners could benefit from training sessions and workshops. Some of these were addressed even to those who did not have their four-legged friends yet and were only planning to buy or adopt a dog. Panels run by Aneta Awtoniuk (presenter of the SuperPies (SuperDog) programme, dog training instructor, trainer, animal behaviour specialist) attracted particular interest; during the panels you could acquire a lot of practical advice – even ones on how to select the correct mascot for the character of our dog.

Another guest at Animals Days 2018 was Andrzej Makacewicz – one of the most experienced horse experts in Poland, creator of the JNBT Riding Academy. The expert came at the invitation of the Animal Rescue Polska Foundation which presented the Riding Zone with the Hucul Ponies during the trade fair. Andrzej Makacewicz showed how to build the exceptional relationship with horses through respect for the animals. Nela’s Peruvian Zone was very popular – you could not only take a photo with the famous explorer or get her autograph there, but also pet alpacas – animals which are more and more often used for therapy and work with children – and find out about their habits.

Crowds also turned up in Hall B where the Lublin Pure-Breed Rabbit Association had their presentation of as many of 22 breeds of these nice animals. Visitors could also see pedigree rats collected in two exhibitions: domestic and international, prepared by the Pedigree Rat Breeder Association in Poland. The World Rat Day was celebrated during the trade fair. The Ferret Friends Association was also present.

At aquarist stalls, both on Saturday and Sunday, you could take part in lectures and training sessions prepared under the Akwarium Magazine Academy nearly all day long. Exhibitors among other things talked about how to keep rare tropical species. You could not only admire crabs, but find out how to adapt your house and aquarium to have… your own crab. Biotope aquariums with Chichlids from Lake Tanganyika and Mouth Brooders from Malawi were a surprise.

For those who came to Animals Days due to curiosity and were not well-acquainted with the world of animals could be surprised by the stall named… the exhibition of domestic cavias. Cavias, or simply our good old guinea pigs, were presented under the III Warsaw and X Club Guinea Pig Exhibition. 20 cavia breeds were presented here, and the judging was conducted by experienced judges – Monika Czarnecka and Rafał Czarnecki.

Over 230 exhibitors also provided many attractions. A lot of the stalls enthralled visitors with their panache and climate. At the Aquael company stall you could admire aquaria that were at the same time competition works for the most interesting arrangement of a domestic water habitat. On the other hand, the Kakadu stalls held activities for the youngest visitors, you could also take part in a meeting with the well-known animal rights defender, singer and Poland’s representative during last year’s Eurovision Song Contest – Kasia Moś.

Exhibitors stated jointly that Animals Days were an amazing success in terms of numbers of visitors and they often repeated: “See you next year”.

On Friday night a festive gala was held during which awards were granted in the II ZOOBRANŻA Magazine Zoology Industry Independent Plebiscite. Performances by Agnes Violin and Tomek Makowiecki added splendour to the ceremony.

Next edition of the event: 29-31 March 2019.

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