Opis Wystawcy


Rodzinna firma założona z pasji i miłości do poroża oraz czworonogów. Powstają gryzak, które są ręcznie zbierane, cięte szlifowane i z troską poddawane obróbce, aby były wysokiej jakości i bezpieczne dla pupili


RF-Deer was created out of love for nature and pro-ecological solutions. We are supporters of a sustainable business that benefits from nature and does not destroy it. We deal comprehensively with the production of teethers, as we we collect  antlers, select, clean and cut under veterinary supervision, and we introduce only the best quality antler pieces for distribution.    Our mission is to provide and promote ecological, healthy, preservative-free antler chews targeted at all dog breeds   However, our vision is to be a global supplier of diverse chews at an affordable price and with high quality.