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Lalpetproducts is a leading Pet products manufacturing firm based in India. The company deals in a variety of Pet accessories designed to improve the health and well-Being of pets and simplify pet ownership. As a business, the company is passionate about providing products that enhance the pet’s health and facilitate pet care for the pet parents. Through extensive R&D, we are able to modify and add new product lines according to the market demand every quarter. ⁃ The company Lalpetproducts was founded in 1982, Having a strong presence in the Indian market for over 40 years. ⁃ Today, the company is a leading manufacturer of Pet Accessories, with a portfolio of over 500 products, out of which more than 200 are locally manufactured. ⁃ The company deals in various categories ranging from Pet grooming, Pet toys, Pet leashes and collars, Pet care, Cat products, Pet utensils, per carrier and cages, and Training articles. ⁃ The company deals in self-manufactured “made in India” products and is able to provide competitive pricing. Considering the current market scenario, the markets are rapidly changing, and we aim to adapt to these changes. With a wide portfolio of products and extremely competitive pricing, we aim to expand in the international markets as well.