World Cat Exhibition - Kormotech Agent, Optimeal Brand (April 9-11, 2021)

World Cat Show during Animals’ Days, April 9-11, 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo!
The Pedigree Cats Exhibition is not only a celebration of passionate breeders, but also a great way to spend a nice and family weekend. The organizer of the exhibition is the Polish Felinology Association, which has been associating breeders of purebred cats since 1996. At the exhibition we will see nearly 500 cat beauties from all over the world, who will come from different parts of our globe. The most numerous will be British cats in various color varieties and Maine Coon cats. You will be able to see Russian blue, Siberian, Norwegian forest cats, Selkirk Rex cats, Thai cats and hairless St. Petersburg sphinxes.

Additional competitions – the so-called WCF Rings to be held on both Saturday and Sunday. During the Rings, the judge will choose the most beautiful kitten, neuter and adult cat participating in the competition. Cat’s beauties will be judged by international felinological judges from Austria, Belgium, Italy and Poland.
At the show, each judge, from among the cats he judges, will choose one representative of a given category, nominating him for the Best In Show competition.
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The KORMOTECH company is made up of a group of qualified specialists: doctors and veterinary technicians, technologists and chemists. We set ourselves high goals and strive to achieve them. As a result of our joint efforts, high-quality food for dogs and cats OPTIMEAL and Club4Paws was created.