Indoor Agility Competition (sport dogs)

On Saturday and Sunday it will be possible to support agility competitions. Speed ​​and precision – dogs without a leash and without a collar overcome the obstacle course, guided by the guides with voices and gestures. Five growth categories, various advancement classes, guaranteed emotions. For those interested, it will be possible to obtain information about this spectacular sport. This is a fantastic competition for the most talented dogs. The best quadrupeds in the country pass through various exams and overcome tough obstacle courses. Agility is a sport for dogs. The dog carries out various commands and follows the obstacle courses as instructed by its handler. The most points are awarded to those animals that do it as quickly as possible and without errors. Dogs measure in five height categories – from tiny dogs to huge dogs. On Saturday, many dogs will have additional exams. And the final will take place on Sunday. At Ptak Warsaw Expo We expect about 80-100 dogs at the competition, and a show of Polish breeds. Over the 2 days of the competition, 400 runs will be held on tracks of varying difficulty.


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