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Ministry of Butterflies Jacek Pałasiewicz

The largest exhibition of butterflies from around the world during the Animals’ Days fair.

Pygmy hedgehogs, African snails, purebred rats, lotus birds

As an Association, we have been operating since 2013, first as an ordinary association, and from 2016 as an association entered into the National Court Register.
We are unusual, we focused on mutual support rather than the commercial aspect.
We do not run a business. Operating costs are covered by membership fees and donations.
Since 2019, we have expanded the scope of activities and now, in addition to hedgehogs, in the Association, we have dwarf gliders, lizards, pedigree rats and African snails.
Our scope of activities is very large. We run temporary houses for pygmy African hedgehogs. We mediate in the adoption of pygmy hedgehogs. We do have interventions. We run free workshops for children. We are the only company in Poland to register pygmy hedgehogs and dwarf gliders. We try to support foundations that care for European hedgehogs at least once a year. A fairly large and rich package of products comes from us to help European hedgehogs. This year, help goes to the Przytul Jeża Foundation. Such help is possible thanks to the support of people who donate a piece of their good heart by shopping in the store with which we cooperate from the very beginning of our activity, i.e.

Our honorary members are Mr. and Mrs. Gucwińscy. And you could meet us at numerous fairs, TVP 2, Polsat; hear on radio Kielce, radio ZET; read in Echo Dnia, Gazeta Starachowicka.