Summary of the 3rd edition of Animals & Veterinary Days

On March 31, 2019, the 3rd edition of the Animals & Veterinary Days fair – the Largest Zoological Fair in Central and Eastern Europe, ended. For 3 days, animal lovers could visit stands rich in food, hygiene products and accessories for companion animals, and take part in training and workshops with their pets.

On the last weekend of March, an event dedicated to animal lovers took place at the Ptak Warsaw Expo International Fair and Exhibition Center. Animals & Veterinary Days is everything for animals and about animals in one place. Almost 30,000 m2 of exhibition space featured products and articles for owners of rodents, reptiles and aquarium fans, but the largest offer was addressed to owners of dogs and cats. The caretakers of these animals could choose from a wide range of food, toys or hygiene products, such as toothbrushes and preparations for cleaning teeth, specialized shampoos, as well as various supplements. At the Animals & Veterinary Days fair you could also find, among others jute ropes for dogs to play and prevent gum disease at the same time, and products to protect animals from ticks, fleas and flying insects.

The 3rd edition of the zoological fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo attracted thousands of pet keepers, who, in addition to getting to know a wide product offer, had the opportunity to get valuable information and advice from specialists during conferences and trainings and also participate in many attractions, including International Dog and Cats Show, as well as admire the competition in Dog Diving, i.e. dog jumping into the water.

Animals & Veterinary Days is a treat for the whole family. During the event, participants could admire specimens of very rare species, such as: wood-walkers, tropical fish, arachnids, crabs, starfish, as well as beautiful parrots and large mammals – during the third edition, you could meet, for example, llamas or camels in the market halls. The beautifully arranged aquariums and terrariums set up by companies, forums, shops and private enthusiasts also made a huge impression on visitors. In addition, visitors could also visit a butterflyarium full of colorful and huge butterflies that willingly flew to people.

The Animals & Veterinary Days fair is an unforgettable meeting, full of impressions and emotions accompanying numerous attractions, as well as a chance for successful purchases of various types of products for animals and a chance for breeders to expand their collection with new specimens of animals, such as: stick insects, spiders, praying mantises and other species.

We are looking forward to our next meeting!