International Dog Show

ZKwP Branch in Warsaw is pleased to invite you to the International Dog Show, which will be held on March 30-31, 2019 during the Animals’ Days in Ptak Warsaw Expo.

The exhibition will be attended by dogs from Poland and abroad, over 3,500 quadrupeds of 180 breeds. Each dog will be assessed by a kennel judge, will receive a description and diploma, and the most beautiful ones will also be medals and cups. The 21 international kennel judges from 12 countries were invited to the evaluation. Each day of the exhibition will end the final competition: the selection of the best dog of Polish, utility, best breed and breeding group, the most beautiful younger puppy, puppy, veteran, junior, the most beautiful representative of FCI and non-recognized breeds. On Sunday, the most beautiful of the group’s representatives will be chosen – that is, Best in Show. For two days of the exhibition, the Young Presenter competition will continue. In this competition, the judge does not judge the dog only human skills, his attitude to the animal, the ease of contact with the dog and professional presentation. On Saturday and Sunday it will be possible to cheer on agility professions. Speed ​​and precision – dogs without a leash and without a collar overcome the obstacle course, guided by the voice and gestures. Three categories of growth, varied classes of advancement, emotions guaranteed. For interested people will be able to get information about this spectacular sport. An unquestionable attraction for visitors will also be a show of Polish breeds with guardians in historical costumes with a lecture on the subject of breeds.


International Cat Show

International Cat Show during Animals’ Days, March 30 – 31, 2019 at Ptak Warsaw Expo! The Cat Show is not only a holiday for enthusiasts, but also a great way to spend a nice and family weekend. The organizer of the exhibition is the Polish Feline Association, which since 1996 has been associating breeders of purebred cats. The exhibition will be open to visitors from 10-18. At the exhibition, we will see cat’s beauties coming from different parts of Poland and from abroad. The most numerous will be British cats in different color varieties and maine coon cats. You can watch Russian cats: blue, Siberian, Norwegian forest, selkirk rexy, Thai cats or hairless Saint Petersburg sphinxes.

An unquestionable attraction for visitors will be additional competitions – the so-called WCF Rings, which will take place both on Saturday and Sunday around 12.00. During the Rings, the judge will choose the most beautiful kitten, castrat and adult cat participating in the competition. Cat’s beauties will be judged by international felinological judges from Austria, Belgium, Italy and Poland.

At the exhibition, each of the judges, from among the cats he judges, will select one representative of a given category, nominating him for the Best In Show contest.

Detailed information at www.pzf.pl


Aquarium Championship - AQUAEL

We invite all aquascapers to take part in the 3rd edition of the “AQUAEL Aquarium Arrangement Competition”, which will be held on March 29-31, 2019. as part of the Animals’ Days.

Aquascaping is about reproducing natural aquaristics, that is, one that can be found in natural water reservoirs such as lakes, rivers or even oceans.
Aquarists in the resulting trend found a new hobby, inspiration and the possibility of unusual arrangements of their tanks. It has been seen for a long time that the aquarium has returned to favor. People who once were passionate about the water world, and could not get enough equipment, now can choose in the offers of producers who offer various types of aquariums, heaters, lighting. The availability of stones and plants from various corners of the world arouses enthusiasm among enthusiasts to decorate their apartments or offices.


Dog Diving

1st Indoor Polish Dog Diving Championships

Dock-diving is also called dock-jumping. It involves encouraging the dog to retrieve the toy, which is thrown into the pool. The swimming pools to which dogs are jumping should be lined with non-slip mats to prevent accidents. Their dimensions are usually: 11 to 12 m in length, 2.4 m in width. The water filling reaches the level of up to 0.6 m.

There are three disciplines:

Big Air – the most popular and at the same time the oldest discipline. It involves measuring the length of the dog’s stroke in the pool.

Extreme Vertical – here a toy is used hanging on a boom located 2.5 m away. The height from which the dog grabbed or dropped the toy is what counts.

Speed Retrieve – in this competition, dogs run to a toy suspended at the other end of the pool. The one who will do it fastest wins.

In Poland there are only competitions in the Big Air discipline.

Zone of exotic animals

Welcome to the zone of exotic animals where already on March 30-31 we offer you the opportunity to see unique specimens:

  • birds (including: żaki, macaws, cockatails, nymphs)
  • reptiles (including: iguanas, warans, chameleons, crocodiles and snakes)
  • and other surprises that we will announce soon.


Epicrates Foundation

This year we are pleased to inform you that we have entered into cooperation with the first in Poland rehabilitation and care center for homeless exotic animals, which is an extraordinary section of the Lublin Animal Shelter. The Epicrates Foundation is an extension of our existing activities for ecology and education.

The Foundation promotes responsible terraristics and environmental protection by organizing lessons, training and educational campaigns. They help in possible problems related to this wonderful passion. They run volunteering – actively working in the Lublin Exotic – making it easier to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience. They intervene in cases of animal abuse.

During the Animals’ Days Fair, the Epicrates Foundation will familiarize you with various reptiles such as:

  • snakes (including corn snake, semperlenon, royal python, python tiger, boa constrictor)
  • lizards (including bearded agama, Yemen chameleon, Berber scotia, black-headed gecko)
  • turtles (including steppe turtle)
  • spiders tarantulas

The Foundation’s employees will gladly answer all questions regarding the help of exotic animals, as well as the conscious possession of exotic animals.

Parasailing of PAGO parrots by Grzegorz Pasikowski

In the Exotic Animal Zone you will also be able to see colorful parrots. You will be able to learn the secrets of breeding these unusual birds, and even talk to them.

Among species of parrots, there will be, among others, macaws and a parakeet.