Aquaristics Zone of the Aquarium Magazine

On over five hundred square meters, a rich aquarium and terrarium exhibition will be arranged, which, as has already become the tradition of the Aquarium Warehouse Academy, two wings – the world of fish and aquatic invertebrates and the world of vertebrates and terrestrial invertebrates – will interpenetrate and complement each other. All this will be found in the green cover of tropical insectivorous plants, orchids and vines, taking the shape of a lively, truly lush and colorful enclave. The Akwarium Warehouse Academy – as every year – will therefore attract visitors’ eyes from a distance and act like a magnet on everyone, adults and children, entering the market hall. A wide range of tanks and terrariums, in which fish and aquatic invertebrates as well as terrestrial animals from various environments and latitudes will be presented, will make every visitor to the academy will find something surprising and inspiring. The novelty will probably be a greater share of sea reservoirs and the fact that native species will be shown in properly arranged reservoirs simulating the environment of a lowland river and a Pomeranian lake, as well as koi carps in a special pool with a diameter of 3 meters. And a complete novelty will be the child’s zone, i.e. interactive shows, workshops and practical classes organized as part of the Akwarium – Junior Academy of Magazine. What exactly will we propose in the AmA – Junior zone, active all Saturday and Sunday? – joint drawing, cutting and gluing fish from paper / cardboard and placing them in “dry mini-aquariums” (for younger children) – workshops and learning how to arrange various types of aquariums (biotope, natural and decorative) for older children and adolescents) – Gel workshops Formula in cooperation with Tropical – talks on what fish eat in nature, and what and how to feed them in an aquarium – workshops on setting up a terrarium for insects, snails and small lizards – raffle and wheel of fortune – knowledge contests with prizes Workshops , lectures and shows will be mainly live shows in this edition, and will concern the arrangement of various types of aquariums and terrariums. The experts will include: Paweł Mielniczek (aquascaping), Paweł Iglewski (terrascaping) and Kamil Hazy (biotope aquariums). Among the participants of the Academy’s exhibition there will of course be aquarium associations and forums – e.g. Akwariusze, Akwariumonline,, Łódź Association of Aquarists and Terrarists, Upper Silesian Association of Aquarists, Biotope Team Poland, Polish Club of Discus Lovers, Club of Tanganyika Lovers, Akwarystyka Team Poland, Cherax Team Poland, the Upper Silesian Association of Aquarists, educational and didactic institutions (eg CEEiRJ in Szczecinek and the Museum of Nature in Drozdowo) and commercial institutions (eg Oceanika from the Świętokrzyska Polana Complex), as well as experienced breeders, importers of rare fish species and full of creativity and enthusiasts.


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