Why is it worth it?

During each edition of the Fair we try to create a place where you can talk and get to know opinions of customers about products offered by you. It is a sole place of this kind where you can educate youths and children about animals’ needs, which will certainly have a favourable influence on brand recognition in long-term activities.

During the Fair, the Kennel Club organizes exhibitions of dogs in Poland lasting for three days: Club, National and International as well as two-day World Exhibition of Cats organized by the Union of Polish Felinology.
Thanks to these events, we will bring more than 50 thousand potential customers for yo

A wide offer of attractions

Kennel, felinology exhibitions, exhibitions of exotic animals, expert consultations as well as education and entertainment shows for animal owners

We support small companies

Creation of a trade fair product for start-ups of small companies so that they can present their products on the zoological market for a small amount.

Hosted Buyers

The trade fair is an excellent opportunity to conduct a direct talk with current and potential customers (B2B zone).


  • manufacturers of animal feed
  • importers of accessories and feed
  • chain of zoological shops
  • hand-made products e.g. cages, collars etc.
  • companies which produce medicinal preparations
  • zoological wholesalers
  • online shops
  • manufacturers of scratchers
  • manufacturers of beddings for animals
  • manufacturers of hygiene products
  • manufacturers of aquariums / terrariums
  • manufacturers of accessories for aquariums

Sector-specific scope

Animal feed

Equipment and accessories for breeding and grooming animals

Animal toys

Grooming and pharmaceutical products

Aquariums, terrariums and cages with equipment

Services for animals



Ptak Warsaw Expo is located directly by the S8 express road heading towards Katowice. Take the Paszków exit road. The journey time from nearby Okęcie Airport will take around 10 minutes. From the centre of Warsaw – 15 minutes. You will have no problem parking, as our centre has 15,000 parking spaces!


Route 703 and 711 buses from the Krakowska P+R depot to “Paszków” stop or route 733 bus to “Centrum Mody” stop. Please note! “Przystanek Paszków” and “Centrum Mody” stops are in ticket zone 2. You can buy the tickets at most newsstands, in the ticket machines and on the buses.


From Dworzec Centralny station, take tram 7 or 9 towards Krakowska P+R. At the final stop – Krakowska P+R, change to a route 703 or 711 bus (destination stop: “Paszków”) or route 733 bus (destination stop: “Centrum Mody”).

Free transport

During the fair, free buses will run from Warsaw’s central railway station and Chopin Airport.

Animals Days

Frequently Asked Questions

The fair takes place at Ptak Warsaw Expo, Al. Katowicka 62, 05-830 Nadarzyn, 114D Wolica *

Tickets will be available on-line and on-site at reception during the Warsaw Fleet Expo. All persons who register online or at the trade fair office will receive a free admission ticket.

The invitation is for information purposes only and does not entitle you to enter the fair. You need to register or purchase a ticket.

Admission for children is not recommended. However, if you want your child to accompany you during the fair, buy a ticket for the day. Admission to the fair for children under 12 is free.

The fair can be reached by car or free shuttle buses to Ptak Warsaw Expo from the center of Warsaw and Chopin Airport.

For the convenience of our guests, parking is free.

Yes, there will be food outlets at the fair.

Yes. There are cloakrooms in the halls and you will be able to leave a small suitcase in them.